• Testimonial1

    The modified daily activity in the web is looking great now and easy for us to get updated on what has been taught to our kids. Anan’s teachers are doing such a wonderful job every day in shaping up kids and they bring out the talents and specialities of the children.

    We are very much delighted to discover these qualities when we notice the kid at home while they perform different activities on their own.

    You have always put forth extra effort in your assignments. I really appreciate being the one among them who benefits this time. Simply to say, the parents are grateful to the Anan team and teachers who are making a great contribution in our kid’s learning.

    I am sure other parents feel the way I do.

    Parent's Name: Mr. Dinesh Kumar,
    Student's Name: Harshithaa.D
  • Testimonial2

    Hats off to the EXTRA ORDINARY effort you had taken in compiling the children’s performance and presenting in the form of a book. Heartfelt appreciation to the entire team at Anan.

    As a parent, the feeling what we get on seeing our child’s photos in various performances and postures cannot be mentioned in words. Looking forward for many more such wonderful acts in the years to come at Anan. Whatever support required from parents, please feel free to communicate. We will be happy to take part in Anan’s growth.

    We wish Anan become the most sought after school in the city and all dreams and visions come true.

    As a parent, I am happy that I have chosen the right place for my child’s future and I am confident that my son will become an excellent individual with your guidance.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my mind rest in peace regarding my son’s future.

    Parent's Name: Mr. T.K. Arun Kumar,
    Student's Name: Pranav. A
  • Testimonial3

    For some profession, for some people, we are indebted throughout our lives. Words like “Thank You” cannot also pay for their services. This profession and people are termed as Teaching and Teachers.

    Anan is crossing all the milestones set for them. When we show the web site to our colleagues in our work place, we feel proud, because no other school that we know could match the standards provided by Anan. Anan is a place where teaching is not a business, but a learning.

    All I can say is “I trust you“. And believe me, these three words matter a lot, when we hand over our most precious lives to you.

    Parent's Name: Mr. Huzeifakagalwala,
    Student's Name: H. Ali Asger

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